Julian Halpern

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Julian Halpern

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Julian Halpern

About the Artist 

Julian was born in the small town of Telluride, Colorado, but moved and thus was raised in Amherst, Massachusetts. As a young adult he attended University of Massachusetts Amherst where he earned his degree in Black and White Film Photography with a minor in Sculpture. Upon graduating college, Julian moved to California where he trained under a professional welder who, in addition to commercial work, did “janky” yard art that stretched the definition of “art.” After spending a while in California, he decided to move to Holyoke due to a large affordable studio space in the Canal Gallery Building and its convenient location between Boston and New York City.

His Craft

Julian has made custom metal work for commercial and residential clients his profession for over ten years, but his move to Holyoke solidified his “found treasures” style in his personal sculpture. He began by making metal picture frames then progressed to gathering found treasures at places like Mountain Park, an abandoned amusement park in Holyoke, as well as in some of Holyoke’s abandoned factories. He would use these seemingly random pieces as wall reliefs in his frames or as freestanding sculptures in his personal pieces, and collects found treasures in purposeful hoarding for future use. As for his professional commissions, Julian works with his clients to get their desired designs, or creates a design to fit their needs.


Three tables and a butler’s pantry crafted by Steelhead Studios (top left: Transmission Table; top right: Steel and Glass Pantry Cabinets; bottom left: Indy 500 Table; bottom right: Gear Table).  http://www.steelheadstudios.com/gallery.php?cat=1&gal=14 http://www.steelheadstudios.com/gallery.php?cat=2&gal=20&id=196

Julian’s craft is based on precision and skill, making it a rare occupation, but worthwhile. His craft is all in the details, blending welds to give pieces the “finished” look as if it was one piece of casted and polished metal, instead of multiple sections roughly stuck together. Most of his commercial work is urban/organic and contemporary in style, but his personal work interacts with nature by means of natural edges from trees, rocks, and rusted metals. His work is laborious, often working sixty hours a week to make his creations come to life; however, he finds it worthwhile because it is a product of being self-employed. Julian feels lucky to love what he does, and some has his work has been featured with Balvenie Scotch Whisky and commissioned by traveling exhibitions of art.

Contact Information


416 Dwight Street

Holyoke, MA 01040

Email Julian Halpern at steelheadstudios@gmail.com,

or visit his website at http://www.steelheadstudios.com/

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