Angela Gerhard


For the past 7 years Angela Gerhard has worked out of her studio on Dwight street in Holyoke crafting predominantly enamel jewelry. She has brought a unique product to the city of Holyoke and the surrounding area through her use of vibrant colors and enameling technique. She offers workshops and classes to the community, and further, to anyone interested in her design process.

Gerhard’s artistic inspiration comes from her exploration in her own work and surrounding environment, such as the deteriorating city of Holyoke. Her work with bold colors can be partially attributed to her experiences diving in the Caribbean exploring vibrant coral reefs. Her primary customer base is mostly collectors and people with an individual style for jewelry. She currently plans on expanding her business in Holyoke by diversifying her product line. This expansion includes larger wall pieces that were influenced by various peers in Holyoke.

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