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Scott Hancock

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Born and raised in Southern California, Scott Hancock has found his niche in media, film production, and documentaries in downtown Holyoke, MA.  Influenced by film directors Errol Morris and Ken Burns, Scott decided to study film at Keene State College in New Hampshire. Upon graduating, Scott began his career working on independent projects along with some commercialized work.  In 2006, Scott came to Holyoke to film a documentary entitled, “The Heretics”, and began doing some work for local businesses.  Scott notes that 2009 was a huge step in his career, as his business began growing much larger in the area.

Scott’s studio is located in the Paper City Studios building on Race Street in downtown Holyoke, right across from the newly redesigned “Canal Walk”, one of the most scenic parts of the city.  The studio was co-designed with his wife, and gives off a very “homey” feeling inside.  It is just a minutes walk from the Volleyball Hall of Fame and historic Holyoke Heritage State Park.

In his spare time, Scott enjoys surfing and spending time with his wife.  Being raised in Southern California, Scott learned to surf at a young age, and has kept with the hobby throughout his life.  In the summer, Scott surfs in Maine while visiting family.


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Scott’s work varies from client to client.  Most of his customers are non-profit, and Scott loves working with them to spread the word of their company or organization through the area.  They are usually involved with some type of organization.  Most of his products are promotional videos that market and promote his clients’ work.  Currently, Scott is working on promotional videos about farming innovators in the area.  In the near future, Scott will begin his work on a film about women in rock-n-roll, which he is extremely excited about.  In the past, Scott notes that his favorite project he has ever worked on was a documentary entitled, “The New Voice of Fenway Park”.  It was a documentary about the life of Carl Beane, a man who dreamed about being the PA announcer at Fenway Park for his whole life, and finally reached his goal.  Scott worked on this project with friends from college after graduating, and says it was the most fun he’s ever had on a project.


Scott undoubtedly loves and is excited about his work, which can be easily seen by anyone who steps foot in his office.  “I love it, I’m so lucky,” noted Scott about his passion for his work.  He loves meeting and interacting with people, something he gets to do often, while working on documentaries.  He believes that film and video is a form of exploration, and a unique and fun way to tell stories.  It is something that can benefit the community in a positive way.  He truly believes that he doesn’t have to adjust his product based on his surroundings because he is the creative economy.  He always succeeds in meeting the demands of his clientele, but there is always a unique and creative aspect in all of his work.




Location: 80 Race Street, Holyoke MA, 01040


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